dataRus has designed a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for research labs that we call laboRus. In our experience, research centres need a system that is agile, robust and flexible to maintain their register, audit trail of the quantity and freeze/thaw cycles, and the origin and distribution of large numbers of biological samples of varying sizes and types. We will soon be able to introduce laboRus, an integrated LIMS.


  • Complete management of biological samples: planning, labeling, recording, aliquoting, storage, sample location, freezing/thawing cycles and audit trail for sample processing.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to the needs of any laboratory.
  • Access security and data protection, with individually defined access profiles.
  • Generation of data related to the biological samples in real time and in any format (lists, labels, barcodes, etc.).
  • Selection of biological samples, filtering by multiple criteria.
  • Universal access, at any time and from any place using any internet browser.

Ask us and we’ll find the solution that best meets your needs