We have designed a system that is adaptable, flexible, and offers survey instruments to any sector interested in health empowerment. This health promotion strategy provides personalized advice to increase awareness and encourage individuals to participate in achieving healthy lifestyle objectives. It includes concepts and instructions about modifying disease risk and lifestyle habits to achieve maximum quality of life and independence.


  • Creation of online platforms with questionnaires and key information.
  • Self-evaluation using health questionnaires validated by the scientific community:

– Cardiovascular risk
– Adherence to a Mediterranean diet
– Physical activity
– Others

  • Application of algorithms to develop individualized reports that include specific recommendations based on a person’s responses.
  • Access to informative videos and other materials.
  • Periodic reports with agggregated data from diverse individuals, including health promotion recommendations for each type of group (worksite, associations, healthcare, etc.).
  • Creation of self-evaluation and follow-up apps.
  • Integration into a database of information obtained on paper, online or by apps, with continuous centralized evaluation.

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